Exceptional Hand Crafted Organic Cheese

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Cascadia Creamery is a family business located in the foothills of Mt. Adams, in the small town of Trout Lake, Washington.

At Cascadia Creamery, we believe cheese should be an expression of the land. Here in the shadow of Mt. Adams, mineral-rich glacial streams, volcanic soil, and ancient lava tube caves provide the perfect conditions to craft our aged raw, certified organic cheeses.

Like a fine wine, soil and environment come together to create unique flavors and bouquets for our cheeses. Each one has been kissed by the elements of volcanic soil, mountain water, and ancient cave air to create delicious artisan cheeses with the distinctive flavors of Cascadia.

Beyond Organic

At Cascadia Creamery, we strive to go “beyond organic”. We put careful, quiet, and considered thought into every facet of our cheese making.  The fourth generation family dairy where we source our milk practices exceptionally humane animal husbandry skills and has a strong ethical belief in being a true steward of the land.

Raw Milk - Living Masterpieces

For thousands of years, cheese was made using raw, unpasteurized milk. It’s filled with good probiotic bacteria, enzymes, and vitamins. When you bite into a delicious piece of Cascadia Creamery cheese, you’re getting all the benefits of raw milk as well as experiencing the rich creamy tradition of old world cheese making.

Rich Volcanic Pastures

The cows that produce our raw milk spend their days grazing lush meadows fertilized by the volcanic soils of Mt. Adams. They also drink water supplied by pristine glacial streams and aquifers of the nearby Gifford Pinchot National Forest, and of course healthy well-fed cows produce the highest quality raw milk for our cheese. 

The Cave Aged Advantage

Cascadia Creamery revived a long tradition of artisan cheese making in the Trout Lake Valley and part of that tradition was aging cheese in ancient lava tube caves. At our new facility we continue this tradition using a special aging room built underground inside a natural lava tube cave.

Glacier Blue ® - A Pacific Northwest Cheese

"...so delectable you may have to quell the urge to face-plant into your wedge, mouth open, hoping to sweep this luscious Washington cheese over as many of your taste buds as humanly possible. A touch sweet with a little grassy joy in every bite..." Stephanie Stiavetti - The Culinary Life