Raw, Living Masterpieces

Raw milk is one of those forgotten treasures. Simply put, it is fresh milk that has not been pasteurized. For thousands of years cheese was made using raw milk. It’s filled with good probiotic bacteria, vitamins, and enzymes. There have even been scientific studies showing the health benefits of raw milk. With the advent of industrialized dairy farming the emphasis was on speed, efficiency, and mass volume. However these factors can introduce unsanitary conditions. Therefore, it became necessary to pasteurize milk. John Holding Cloud Cap Cheese Pasteurization destroys all the good probiotic bacteria as well as many vitamins and enzymes, resulting in milk products that are less nutritious, and hard to digest for many people. Raw milk is now being rediscovered by millions because of the work of advocates including the Weston A. Price Foundation.

The market for raw milk is growing by leaps and bounds and frankly, it’s an unstoppable juggernaut of consumer demand. And raw milk is perfectly safe when it’s handled in a sanitary way. Small homesteader farms and dairies like ours treat the raw milk like liquid gold. Our raw milk is pure and pristine, just like the Cascade Mountain air and water we enjoy up here in the shadow of Mt. Adams. There is a lot of thought that goes into each batch of our cheeses. Pure raw milk is transformed by personalized artistry to make each wheel a raw, living masterpiece. The complex aromatics of the raw milk that come from the unique composition of Trout Lake’s ancient volcanic soil makes tasting our cheese a rich and unforgettable epicurean experience.

We follow the old world tradition of cheese making for maximum flavor and digestibility. Our cheeses are “truly” raw. We don’t heat our milk any higher than the cow's body temperature, ensuring that the lactase digestive enzyme (that is normally destroyed by pasteurization) is still present in the milk, which allows most if not all lactose intolerant people to enjoy the wonders of our raw, cave aged cheese. By aging our cheeses over 60 days, a natural pasteurization occurs in the cheese where the cheese cultures out-compete unwanted bacteria, making the cheese safe and pathogen-free. Just think, when you bite into a delicious piece of Cascadia Creamery cheese, you’re getting all the good probiotics, vitamins, enzymes, and protective factors of raw milk, as well as giving your body the gift of easier digestion. Our hand-crafted, masterpiece cheeses are raw and alive. With all the health benefits they provide, they can make you feel alive as well.