Savoury - Smooth - Sumptuous

Like the terroir of a fine wine, it’s all about the soil, the region, and the environment. Our cows graze on pastures grown in the rich, volcanic soil of the Cascade Mountains. They drink the mineral-rich glacial waters of snow-capped Mt. Adams. We also age our small-batch cheeses with air from ancient lava tube caves. Our cave aging process creates fromage with Cascadia terroir. All our varieties provide a rich and unforgettable epicurean experience.

Sleeping Beauty ®

Sleeping Beauty Organic Cheese

Smooth and buttery with a supple sharpness. Named after a signature landmark of the Cascade Range - the legendary "Beauty" that came between the mighty Pahto (Mt. Adams) and Wy'East (Mt. Hood) peaks. Like its namesake, this alluring cheese can move mountains. Natural rind - aged 75 to 100 days.

Glacier Blue ®

Glacier Blue Organic Cheese

Named after stunning Glacier Peak, in the North Cascades. Glacier Blue is an approachable blue with a luxurious texture and deliciously rich flavor. One bite of this masterpiece will wrap your palate in a blanket of salty savor, sink you into the most comfortable chair, and make it clear why locals have coined this "The Gateway Blue.” If you weren’t a blue lover before, this cheese will open that gate and step you through to the other side. Natural rind - aged 75 days.

Cloud Cap ®

Cloud Cap Organic Cheese

Named after a high altitude landmark on picturesque Mt. Hood. Cloud Cap is a dynamic cheese with grassy notes that reflect the mountain pasture where the cows graze. A milky, firm and citrusy interior that transitions to a mushroomy outer layer capped in a natural rind reminiscent of a soft cloud. Aged bloomy rind - aged 60 to 75 days.

Sawtooth ®

Sawtooth Organic Cheese

Named for the nearby Sawtooth Huckleberry Fields on the shoulder of Mt. Adams where Native Americans have picked berries for thousands of years. Sawtooth is a washed rind cheese with a fudgy, smooth texture that treats the palate to savory, meaty flavors balanced by a fruity funk. Semi-soft washed rind - aged 60 days.


Celilo Organic Cheese

Named after the historic Celilo cascades and waterfalls of the Columbia River and the native settlement and trading village that existed there in various configurations for 15,000 years. Cascadia Creamery's Celilo (pronounced "sell-eye-low") is sweet and nutty with a fudgy smooth texture and a savory meaty, brothy finish. Every batch of Celilo is washed with unique certified organic spirits. Current batches are washed with Bainbridge Distillers' Heritage Organic Doug Fir Gin. Semi-soft washed rind - aged 75 days.